Are you generating c++ classes to be used as php pecl's? I could maybe help with that
targetPlatform could effectively be ignored with Zend Engine Version detection in that regard...

On 7/21/06, Roel Vanhout <> wrote:

I'm trying to get propel to generate c++ classes. I've progressed
nicely, but to do things neatly, I need a way to specify which
OMBuilder to use (I need to override build() and getClassFilePath()).
However I haven't yet found a way; is there a clean way to specify
that the factory should instantiate my CPP_OMBuilder and not OMBuilder
like there is for the other classes (like the other classes can be set
in the properties file)? If not, would you be willing to make it
configurable? In that case, I'd like to see that file
(generator\classes\propel\engine\builder\om\OMBuilder.php) moved to
the php5/ subdirectoy, so that I could keep all language-specific
things in a separate directory.
Also, I noticed the following line in the

propel.targetPlatform = php5

Can I leverage this to make generating c++ classes easier? What is it
used for? Thanks.



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