Am I sure it would be a good idea? Well I do have at least *some* evidence
I mean IBM hasn't really done open source PHP until they did SDO which is
a C++ and PHP API similar in purpose and design to creole and propel, SDO
is to PDO as propel is to creole, meaning SDO relies on PDO for its data base
accessibility. PDO unlike creole is written in C (afaik). SDO unlike propel in C++,
PDO and SDO unlike propel and creole must be installed into PHP either statically
through ./configure or dynamically through phpize, moved to the location specified in
php.ini as extension_dir = and loaded like you would a standard .dll or .so extension.
SDO does not have "optionally" a script-able interface to itself from PHP, it actually
requires it since SDO was never completely ported to C++ from PHP, or they couldn't
find the time to write the remaining portions so those objects are written in PHP 5, there
is no PHP 4 version as SDO remains completely dependent on PDO for database access.
Therefore I think it would be a *good* idea because they can be similar in speeds and propel
can obviously spit out PHP 4, PHP 5 and now C++, why not PECL? or why not write the other
classes as PHP 4 and PHP 5 compatible and then refactor that into a PECL so the only
scripting is done on initialization code, makes little sense not to pursue this because *some*
people cannot personally install an extension in their web server which would actually lower
the load on the server and increase the throughput for this *good* type of programming.
      I would just like to say that I don't use SDO, I use propel and creole because I just like to,
I rewrote creole and propel to be PHP 4 AND PHP 5 compatible and like that much better in
my "rapid" framework whose design includes things for SEO and SOA.
      I've requested before at least for mine or the PHP 4 version be dual licensed under LGPL
and BSD License, so that I can dual license MY framework under BSD license as well, also
SDO is provided under much less restriction than the LPGL. I think helping make these patterns
for advanced web application programming better and faster will help everyone. I know I wouldn't
of had any reason to dedicate a couple years using propel and creole, or want to be involved had
it not been for such good open source contributors like Hans, the PHP user groups and yourself.

Ps, Here's a list of sites on the matter that may shed some light on SDO and PECL implementations
where you can subclass classes and more. Don't forget to look all in the CVS code and tests..

On 7/22/06, Alan Pinstein <> wrote:
Are you sure? Would you be able to subclass classes provided in PECL?

One still needs to write custom business logic on their propel objects... how would that work?

I don't know much about PECL so LMK!


On Jul 22, 2006, at 11:11 AM, Pedram Nimreezi wrote:

Ok.. but making them as PECL's is a good idea too... I might do that... 

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