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Author hlellelid
Full name Hans Lellelid
Date 2008-05-06 06:49:51 PDT
Message Is that true ... ? Maybe; I thought we'd have to have them be separate
joins, but I haven't looked at this recently. I was assuming that we'd
need to introduce some aliasing to avoid collision in the generated
doSelectJoin*() method.


On Tue, 06 May 2008 15:47:08 +0200, Ron Rademaker
<r.rademaker@virt​ualbuilding.nl> wrote:
> I just looked at that ticket. If I understand the problem correctly
> extending the addJoin API so it also accepts arrays for the first two
> arguments would solve it.
> Like:$criteria->​addJoin(LoggedOfferI​PPeer::MEMBER_ID,
> LoggedOfferPeer::MEMBER, Criteria::LEFT_JOIN);
> $criteria->addJo​in(LoggedOfferIPPeer​::OFFER_ID, LoggedOfferPeer::OFFERID,
> Criteria::LEFT_JOIN);
> Hans Lellelid wrote:
>> The one ticket I would really like to fix before RC is
>> http://propel.phpdb.​org/trac/ticket/606
>> If you have a few spare minutes and want to look at that, I'd appreciate
>> it! -- Otherwise, that's first on my list to fix and I should be able to
>> finally get some non-housework done this weekend :)
>> Hans
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