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Author Michael Aichler <aichler@mediacluster.de>
Full name Michael Aichler <aichler@mediacluster.de>
Date 2004-06-01 11:30:27 PDT
Message Hi Hans,

I do not have any tips on phpdoc or another php tool for api documentation as
I wasn't able to configure anyone of them to output clean and functional
documentation (from my point of view ;)
However, your mail reminded me of a question I wanted to ask you some days

IMHO the best documentation style I've ever seen is from QT's Toolkit

Doxygen is the only tool I found whose output is close to QT's
( unfortunatly doxygen's php5 support is quite limited - more precisely
unusable at the moment).

I patched the source a little so that it's *more* close ;)
A preview of creole's php4 api is at
http://www.aichler.n​et/creole/docs/api/h​tml/index.html .
I'd like to use it for the php4 version. There have to be changed a few tags,

How do you think about it ?


MediaCluster GmbH
Michael Aichler
Alt-Wuerttemberg-Allee 42
71638 Ludwigsburg
Tel.: +49 71 41 - 90 64 42
Fax.: +49 71 41 - 90 64 43
Email: aichler (at) mediacluster (dot) de
PGP: https://www.mediaclu​ster.de/pgp/aichler.​asc

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