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Author hlellelid
Full name Hans Lellelid
Date 2004-06-01 12:03:43 PDT
Message Hi micha,

> I do not have any tips on phpdoc or another php tool for api documentation
> as
> I wasn't able to configure anyone of them to output clean and functional
> documentation (from my point of view ;)

Yes, I agree. I was able to get PhpDocumentor to output PHPEdit-styled
docs using the following command:

phpdoc -d classes -t docs\api -dn "Propel" -ti "Propel API Docs" -o

but I'm still very unhappy with these docs; they're still basically useless.

> IMHO the best documentation style I've ever seen is from QT's Toolkit
> (http://doc.trolltech​.com/3.3/index.html)​.
> Doxygen is the only tool I found whose output is close to QT's
> ( unfortunatly doxygen's php5 support is quite limited - more precisely
> unusable at the moment).
> I patched the source a little so that it's *more* close ;)
> A preview of creole's php4 api is at
> http://www.aichler.n​et/creole/docs/api/h​tml/index.html .
> I'd like to use it for the php4 version. There have to be changed a few
> tags,
> though.

This looks much better -- I like that all the classes can be browsed in
addition to the modules. Very clean. I might make some trivial changes
to the method detail list to make it clearer where one method starts &
ends, but that's just stylistic & I imagine that can be changed.

I like the way that it cross-references text from within the docblocks
(like constants, methods) -- did you have to add code to make that happen
or is that automatic?

I've heard good things about doxygen, just never used it.

What kind of changes would we need to make to the sourcecode / phpdoc to
use doxygen? Is it reasonable to think that I could sit down w/ doxygen
for a couple evenings & get PHP5 support working? (i.e. do you know how
difficult it would be to modify the PHP4 parser?)

> How do you think about it ?

Cool, am interested :)


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