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Author Michael Aichler <aichler@mediacluster.de>
Full name Michael Aichler <aichler@mediacluster.de>
Date 2004-06-01 12:58:26 PDT
Message On Tuesday 01 June 2004 21:03, Hans Lellelid wrote:
> Hi micha,
> Yes, I agree. I was able to get PhpDocumentor to output PHPEdit-styled
> docs using the following command:
> phpdoc -d classes -t docs\api -dn "Propel" -ti "Propel API Docs" -o
> HTML:frames:phpedit
> but I'm still very unhappy with these docs; they're still basically
> useless.

Yes, unfortunately ;(

> > A preview of creole's php4 api is at
> > http://www.aichler.n​et/creole/docs/api/h​tml/index.html .
> This looks much better -- I like that all the classes can be browsed in
> addition to the modules. Very clean. I might make some trivial changes
> to the method detail list to make it clearer where one method starts &
> ends, but that's just stylistic & I imagine that can be changed.

Yeah, should be possible with css.

> I like the way that it cross-references text from within the docblocks
> (like constants, methods) -- did you have to add code to make that happen
> or is that automatic?

This is mostly done automatic and a great feature of doxygen (see
http://www.stack.nl/​~dimitri/doxygen/aut​olink.html ).

> I've heard good things about doxygen, just never used it.

Heh, I was "forced" to use doxygen as kdevelop dropped support for kdoc ;)

> What kind of changes would we need to make to the sourcecode / phpdoc to
> use doxygen?

For example the @package tag is interpreted by doxygen as a "namespace".
I created the modules list with @defgroup and @ingroup (there might be a
better way - I'm not completely familiar with all tags of doxygen)
> Is it reasonable to think that I could sit down w/ doxygen
> for a couple evenings & get PHP5 support working? (i.e. do you know how
> difficult it would be to modify the PHP4 parser?)

Well, doxygen uses lex (or yacc) for parsing the files. The modifications I've
done applied only to a few html tags in htmlgen.h/htmlgen.cpp. I had no
closer look at the parser itself, so I cannot say something about it yet.
However, I'll find out how difficult it would be.

Another possibility would be to write a script (perl, php, whatever) that
reads all php5 files, preprocesses the code to something doxygen is able to
parse and writes the code to a single file which is processed by doxygen
afterwards !??

> > How do you think about it ?
> Cool, am interested :)
> Hans


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