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Author Michael Aichler <aichler@mediacluster.de>
Full name Michael Aichler <aichler@mediacluster.de>
Date 2004-06-02 05:30:57 PDT
Message Hi Hans,

I made some changes to the doxygen scanner last night and it seems to work now
- at least better ;)
I attached the php5 patch for doxygen version 1.3.7 (the latest) and the
qt-style patch.
Apply the patches inside the doxygen directory with

patch -p1 < /path/to/doxygen-1.3​.7-php5.patch
patch -p1 < /path/to/doxygen-1.3​.7-qt-style.patch

I changed a few comments in the php5 source and generated the documentation
with doxygen. A tarball including header, footer, css and Doxyfile files can
be downloaded at


Online documentation:


However, we have to change some documentation tags.
All attached files named tag-* describe the most important changes that have
to be done.

Hopefully this is enough information to decide whether it 's worth switching
to doxygen - if not, let me know ;)

MediaCluster GmbH
Michael Aichler
Alt-Wuerttemberg-Allee 42
71638 Ludwigsburg
Tel.: +49 71 41 - 90 64 42
Fax.: +49 71 41 - 90 64 43
Email: aichler (at) mediacluster (dot) de
PGP: https://www.mediaclu​ster.de/pgp/aichler.​asc