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Author Michael Aichler <aichler@mediacluster.de>
Full name Michael Aichler <aichler@mediacluster.de>
Date 2004-06-02 05:59:16 PDT
Message On Wednesday 02 June 2004 14:45, Hans Lellelid wrote:
> Hi micha,
> This looks great; thanks for taking the time to do that. I'm going to
> review the tags- files to see what needs to change & take a look at
> applying the patch -- and see just what is involved in customizing the
> parsing & output -- on my linux box at home tonight.

Ok, great ;)

> The docs you created look great, though. Perhaps a little less info than
> some of the phpdoc stuff (var type for params seemed missing),

The var type is missing as the @param tag of doxygen takes only the name of
the var. The type is guessed by doxygen which failes for php (except for

> but far
> more intuitive & usable. Is the introduction text (on landing page)
> extracted from a phpdoc-style comment somewhere or is that a separate
> file?

Both ;)
Doxygen has LateX-style tags to create pages, sections, etc.
See mainpage.dox in the tarball.

> Also, I can get a smaller version of the logo for the header.

Yeah, definitely needed ;)


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