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Author Michael Aichler <aichler@mediacluster.de>
Full name Michael Aichler <aichler@mediacluster.de>
Date 2004-06-03 10:52:30 PDT
Message On Thursday 03 June 2004 18:46, Hans Lellelid wrote: > First: that's cool; aweome work :) Heh, I wanted to have this feature for php but didn't have the motivation to look into doxygens source code ;) > Next, not to discredit your work, but > it seems to me that it might make more sense to leave the types out or > make an effort to specify them in the description. w/o this patch it > still will get the correct varname even when type specified, right? Yes, the varname is taken from the function definition. As for the types; I do not want to miss this feature now that it is available ;) Here are some suggestion how to remain compatible: 1) I'll change the patch tonight to get it recognize a space instead of a dot (or both). 2) We provide a simple php script that converts the @param tag back, e.g: ----- $file = file_get_contents("./Creole.php"); $file = preg_replace('/\@param\s+(\w+)\.(\$[a-zA-Z_][a-zA-Z0-9_]*)/', '@param \1 \2', $file); echo $file; ----- 3) Doxygen nows about a tag called @fn (aliases are @var and @typedef) that initiates a function declaration, e.g.: @fn Connection getConnection(string $phptype, string $dotpath) It would be possible to search this tag in a comment block and extract the return value and param type information. Anyway, if we want to have compatibility with other documentation tools then we'll miss a bunch of useful tags provided by doxygen (see http://www.stack.nl/~dimitri/doxygen/commands.html#cmdvar ) Also, does this mean that we cannot use the @ingroup tag to group things together ? micha -- MediaCluster GmbH Webentwicklung Michael Aichler Alt-Wuerttemberg-Allee 42 71638 Ludwigsburg Tel.: +49 71 41 - 90 64 42 Fax.: +49 71 41 - 90 64 43 Email: aichler (at) mediacluster (dot) de PGP: https://www.mediacluster.de/pgp/aichler.asc --------------------------------------------------------------------- To unsubscribe, e-mail: dev-unsubscribe@propel.tigris.org For additional commands, e-mail: dev-help@propel.tigris.org