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Author hlellelid
Full name Hans Lellelid
Date 2004-06-03 12:53:56 PDT
Message Hi,

> As for the types; I do not want to miss this feature now that it is
> available ;)
> Here are some suggestion how to remain compatible:
> 1) I'll change the patch tonight to get it recognize a space instead of a
> dot
> (or both).

That would be ideal, if possible.

> Anyway, if we want to have compatibility with other documentation tools
> then
> we'll miss a bunch of useful tags provided by doxygen (see
> http://www.stack.nl/​~dimitri/doxygen/com​mands.html#cmdvar )
> Also, does this mean that we cannot use the @ingroup tag to group things
> together ?

No, no. I just mean that we should try to preserve the syntax for those
tags that are recognized (like @param). That's all. If we changed to
using type.$varname then I don't think the other parsers would even be
able to recognize the $varname part -- much less the type. That's why I
was saying that in that case we'd be breaking compatibility; I think being
compatible is worth something. That doesn't preclude using new tags that
the other parsers don't support -- that's fine. We may have to decide
whether we want to *also* use @package tags, but I'm not so worried about
that. (I have to think about what the packages should be for Propel,
which isn't as straightforward as Creole -- and I don't think it
necessarily makes sense to just use java-style directory-based package

Cool work!


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