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Author Ron Rademaker <r.rademaker@virtualbuilding.nl>
Full name Ron Rademaker <r.rademaker@virtualbuilding.nl>
Date 2007-11-16 00:28:50 PST
Message Hi Hans,

Hans Lellelid wrote:
> Yeah, I think this is what Symfony is doing w/ Propel. I believe they
> have extended the builder classes to wrap the various methods to fire
> pre/post events. They call this "mixins" (I guess it's a bit AOP
> like). You may wish to start from their implementation. I'm open to
> us including a version of this directly in Propel too (maybe ability
> to enable/disable the code would be nice too). I think it's a useful
> idea.
> Hans
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I'll check out the symfony code, though I know they're still at propel
1.2 and despite many user request can't seem to even get a beta or
unstable version with 1.3 running (afaik) so I'm not hoping for much.
You're right, it's very much AOP. I just know a whole lot more web
developers familiar with the concept of events (from javascript) than
AOP, so I choose to name it events. I'll definitely make an option to
completely disable the code.
Currently, I except that I'll start with completely refactoring the om
builder classes so that a function no longer add a complete function to
the om class, but instead multiple functions will do this (I'll check
out symfony first though and maybe they used a solution that I can
borrow). First function will open the function, second will add the body
and a third will close the function. Are the test units for the om
classes complete? Does performing the test just involve building the
bookstore project and running the tests?