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Author Ron Rademaker <r.rademaker@virtualbuilding.nl>
Full name Ron Rademaker <r.rademaker@virtualbuilding.nl>
Date 2007-11-16 05:58:30 PST
Message Hans Lellelid wrote:
> It becomes a little less clear to me when I think about a builder
> advertising that it wants to override / customize other methods. I
> guess the question is what happens when several builders want to all add
> custom behavior into the save method?
I guess we could reevaluate the way classes are generated completely.
Instead of passing along some string by reference and appending code in
a function we could model the classes that are being generated and let
the builders fill the model. Finally, some toString function on the
model class creates the actual code. That way you don't have to create
an entire function in one sweep but you can add, remove and change stuff
later. Obviously, the model is gonna be a challenge to design :)