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Author hlellelid
Full name Hans Lellelid
Date 2005-11-22 18:37:02 PST
Message Hi David,

I thought in the end it seemed like the return values were "ok" -- or at
least there didn't seem to be a better alternative. Or maybe I'm
misremembering; I think we decided that array of ValidationFailed
objects on failure was good, right? -- or do we want it to return false
and then have a separate method to get the ValidationFailed objects (or
maybe the object's validate() method could return false and then there'd
be a getValidationFailures() method or something).

& yes -- I think we should fix the non-required empty values issue. i
forgot about that. Ok -- I'll try to spend some time on that this week,
but feel free to tackle any of that too. I won't have time until
Saturday at the earliest.


David Z├╝lke wrote:
> I believe we agreed upon changing doValidate() so it doesn't bail out on
> non-required empty values, and then there was something about more useful
> return values... IIRC. Got some time this week to work on Propel if needed,
> so I'm "awaiting orders" ;)
> - David
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: Hans Lellelid [mailto:hans at velum dot net]
>>Sent: Tuesday, November 22, 2005 3:51 AM
>>To: dev at propel dot tigris dot org
>>Subject: [propel-dev] propel 1.2
>>Hi David et al,
>>Was there a feeling of consensus in the end about any changes that need
>>to be made to the validator framework before 1.2? I'm not sure that
>>realistically I'm going to be able to spend much time on Propel in the
>>next couple weeks, so I'm eager to release a release candidate for
>>public consumption. It's overdue. I don't want to rush something if
>>there are some changes that need to be made, though.
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