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Author Alan Pinstein <apinstein@mac.com>
Full name Alan Pinstein <apinstein@mac.com>
Date 2005-12-05 22:39:22 PST
Message Just a few quick notes from me as I am testing the SVN / CVS versions
of everything.

1. I had all kinds of schema validation problems. Adding:


to the <database> tag successfully skips schema validation.

2. I am still seeing memory leaks [ had to do with refcount deadlocks
with collections IIRC ] in my sync script, although definitely the
leaks are much smaller. I will have to do further testing to see if
the leaks are mine or in Propel.

Test mem usage with propel 1.1 (10 iterations):

> Importing: ./savedData.txt
> 953976 (before propel is used)
> 4832768
> 4944008
> 5141904
> 5351880
> 5543848
> 5846512
> 6051464
> 6305152
> 6434792

~200k per iteration leak

and with SVN:

> Importing: ./savedData.txt
> 958504 (before propel is used)
> 4785104
> 4804072
> 4839160
> 4876072
> 4910008
> 4959096
> 4995296
> 5039896
> 5062424

~34k per iteration leak

Definitely much better! But man that's a lotta leaking. I suppose
this could get down into creole as well. It will take some digging to
isolate this. Of course, one of the nice things about PHP is that
minimal memory leaking isn't that dangerous in a web script, but it's
still a PITA in cli scripts!

Question: will a creole release coincide with the propel 1.2? Will it
be what's in CVS presently? Just want to make sure I'm integration
testing the right stuff.