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Original message

Author Soenke Ruempler <ruempler@topconcepts.com>
Full name Soenke Ruempler <ruempler@topconcepts.com>
Date 2006-03-28 07:22:41 PST
Message Hi Hans,

Hans Lellelid <mailto:hans at velum dot net> wrote on Tuesday, March 28, 2006
4:50 PM:

> I put together a Roadmap wiki page:
> http://propel.phpdb.​org/trac/wiki/Develo​pment/Roadmap
> I incorporated some things David & I have discussed in the
> past, but at
> this point it's more of a discussion than a finalized plan, so please
> feel free to use the comment feature to post suggestions of features
> you'd like to see (and hopefully help implement) in future
> development.
> I also added a Criteria page (linked from Roadmap) to discuss some of
> the things that need attention in current Criteria API. We
> can add new
> pages to think through issues like identifier quoting & identity
> map/"cache" stuff too. Oscar & Cameron, feel free to add
> pages -- e.g.
> Development/IdentifierQuoting, Development/IdentityMap -- to
> outline how
> these systems could be implemented; it might be helpful to have some
> single points of reference that aggregates & addresses our what-if
> concerns with these solutions.

I'd like to add two points:

* Utilizing dynamic __call/__get/__set in BaseObject/BasePeer classes
and kill much generated code from the Object/Peer classes for
* Making the copy() method more flexibel (limiting the level of
deepcopy, adding table-excludes)

If noone dislikes this I'll add two dev discussion pages to the wiki.