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Original message

Author Oliver Schonrock <oliver.schonrock@realtsp.com>
Full name Oliver Schonrock <oliver.schonrock@realtsp.com>
Date 2006-03-28 15:09:45 PST
Message > Alan Pinstein wrote:
>> 4) Why do you want to do this? Before we go do this level of changing,
>> where are the performance results that show these changes would make
>> more than a negligible improvement? For instance, most of the getters
>> are one-liners; and most of the setters are 3-liners.

I am with Alan on this one. __call is a nasty hack, which doesn't
document well and doesn't really solve anything (certainly not speed).

Now if we can stop propel classes having to extend BaseObject and
implement Persistant, then we have something closer to

POPOs (that's short for plain old PHP objects) ;-)

The biggest reason that Torque didn't make it is that it violated the
basic KISS principle. If propel is to succeed long term is should aim to
"extend" as little as possible and be as true to the language as practical.