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Author Cameron Brunner <cameron.brunner@gmail.com>
Full name Cameron Brunner <cameron.brunner@gmail.com>
Date 2006-05-27 05:02:31 PDT
Message +1 for php6 'optimal' output module
+1 for php5.1 minimum to run it

personally id love to see it all php6 native however i will be quite
content with a nice php6 output module


On 5/27/06, David Z├╝lke <dz at bitxtender dot com> wrote:
> > combine the above with spl_autoload?
> Yes. I think we should aim for PHP 5.1 or even 5.2 as the target
> version. Depending on how far along PHP6 is when we have something
> working, we might at least want to have optional PHP6 (read:
> namespaces and maybe unicode) support.
> - David