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Author hlellelid
Full name Hans Lellelid
Date 2006-05-27 09:43:15 PDT
Message David Z├╝lke wrote:
> Am 27.05.2006 um 14:02 schrieb Cameron Brunner:
>> +1 for php6 'optimal' output module
>> +1 for php5.1 minimum to run it
>> personally id love to see it all php6 native however i will be quite
>> content with a nice php6 output module
> Me too. But it's too early in the game to decide if we could make it
> PHP6 only. If PHP6 is out by the time we're getting close to a
> release, I'd be all for a PHP6-only version, namespaces would be only
> one of the arguments for doing this.
If I can continue to devote time to Propel 2.0 over next few weeks, then
I fully hope that Propel 2.0 will be released before PHP6 -- although I
admit that I have no idea what that timeline is.

I'm hoping to commit a demo Criteria2 tomorrow. It needs a bunch of
work still, though, so not entirely sure if I'll have time to finish it
by then.

The identifier quoting will be implemented as soon as new Criteria
system is in place. Also, self-joins will become possible.

I want to get a benchmark idea, but it will be tricky to benchmark them
side-by-side since I think the Peer constants will need to change from
table.COL_NAME to just COL_NAME (or maybe "col_name" -- getting rid of
that ugly uppercase convention that seems to exist for only Oracle --
and not even sure how necessary that is). The reason for this constant
change would be to facilitate aliasing the tables and remove all the
string parsing that's done in the BasePeer and Criteria classes.


P.S. I'm gonna tag Propel 1.2.0RC2 in a few minutes -- and hopefully
get that release put up later today or tomorrow too. I think RC2 is
necessary as we've made a bunch of fixes since RC1.