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Author Alan Pinstein <apinstein@mac.com>
Full name Alan Pinstein <apinstein@mac.com>
Date 2006-05-30 17:34:24 PDT
Message > That is correct, yes. I didn't put up any examples of the Query yet,
> although you can see one in the ticket comments.

Yeah, that looks nice.

> Basically Query holds stuff that isn't strictly a "criteria". Of
> course, the line is a little grey when it comes to things like HAVING
> clause, which is a criteria ... but in those cases, the logic is that
> Query holds things that don't make sense nested like Criteria.

I wouldn't really consider HAVING a grey area. I think it's only grey
b/c you defined criteria as the "where" clause, but if you change the
definition of Criteria to be "result set selectors" which is
semantically what criteria are anyway, then HAVING fits in nicely.
Although maybe that means that paging should be moved to criteria as

The other option would be to make Criteria strictly "where" clause
stuff, and put HAVING (and LIMIT/OFFSET) into Query.

Also, where does group by go? Does it even need to be handled by
Criteria? Are criteria *solely* for selecting data which will be used
in Propel-managed objects?

I think that I am fine conceptually with Criteria / Query being more
of a "Propel object selector" system than a general way to create
queries, but others may certainly disagree. We just need to pick
either direction so that we can state it in the spec. May require
some further discussion and empirical data from Propel users.

> P.S. I'd like to add the spl_autoload stuff in 2.0; I think you had
> some
> patches? We can also put this in a 1.3 if you like, but I have hopes
> that 2.0 is not going to be such a long development cycle as you
> think;
> I intend to use Propel 2.0 in an app I'm developing to be deployed by
> the end of the summer.

I do still have those... I am using them in my production
environment. I have attached them. Of course they also factor out the
Criteria includes so that may have to change if 2.0 is on PDO...