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Author tony_bibbs
Full name Tony Bibbs
Date 2008-09-17 06:45:01 PDT
Message They are in the default.properties so doing what you suggest makes sense. Also, I had to manually run convert-conf on my XML and I didn't like how it turned out so the actual ending syntax is:

<namespaces enabled="true">
    <namespace id="base" value="bookstore" />
    <namespace id="om" value="bookstore::Model" />
    <namespace id="peer" value="bookstore::Peer" />
    <namespace id="map" value="bookstore::Map" />
    <namespace id="nest" value="bookstore::Model" />


----- Original Message ----
From: Ron Rademaker <r.rademaker@virt​ualbuilding.nl>
To: dev at propel dot tigris dot org
Sent: Wednesday, September 17, 2008 8:01:08 AM
Subject: Re: [propel-dev] Namespace Update

Hi Tony,

Tony Bibbs wrote:
> <namespaces enabled="true">
> <namespace name="base" value="bookstore" />
> <namespace name="om" value="bookstore::Model" />
> <namespace name="peer" value="bookstore::Peer" />
> <namespace name="map" value="bookstore::Map" />
> <namespace name="nest" value="bookstore::Model" />
> </namespaces>
> I can't remember if the runtime-conf.xml is auto generated and then converted to an array with the convert-props or if you have to manually edit the file as you'd like before you run convert-props. Anyway, any reaction one way or another to the above? Is the above validated by any sort of schema (XSD)? If so I'd need to update that.
Is this now the only place where the namespaces are defined or are they
also in build.properties? If they're also in build.properties I'd like
to investigate possibilities to generate them into the runtime php
configuration during the build.


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