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Author Soenke Ruempler <ruempler@topconcepts.com>
Full name Soenke Ruempler <ruempler@topconcepts.com>
Date 2006-07-24 04:07:02 PDT
Message Roel Vanhout <mailto:roel.vanh​out at gmail dot com> wrote on Monday, July 24,
2006 12:50 PM:

> I'm not sure if that was directed at the PECL thing or the pure C++
> that I'm trying to accomplish :) , but either way: is there anyone who
> knows the answer to my original question whether it is possible to use
> another OMBuilder class? Thanks.

Of course, in build.properties we have it like this:

propel.builder.mapbuilder.class = tcc.Propel.Engine.Builder.Map
propel.builder.object.class =tcc.Propel.Engine.B​uilder.ComplexObject​
propel.builder.peer.class =tcs.Propel.Engine.B​uilder.ComplexPeer