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Author hlellelid
Full name Hans Lellelid
Date 2006-09-21 06:12:47 PDT
Message Hi Cameron,

Ok, sounds good. I agree with you on standards, though I've [obviously]
been a bit lax at enforcing them. I think we agree then on not turning
away code, but that we will ensure that releases adhere to standards.

You're suggestions are fine. For phpdoc, I personally like the PEAR style:

 * One line description.
 * More content
 * @param string $p1 Desc of param
 * @returns boolean Desc of return
public static function myFunc($p1) {
  // ...

I think there is a coding style page on the wiki. Feel free to update
that with your suggestions, etc.


Cameron Brunner wrote:
> I'm for accepting patches with wrong coding rules only for us to come
> along later and fix them up however i would state that we should
> enforce a RELEASE version of propel to be fully compliant with the
> coding standards. I'm also for getting strict with the rules. I am
> actually looking into using php code sniffer (check pear) to do this
> for us (including notifying us of the generated code problems).
> Tabs - agreed, set it to 2 4 or 8 depending on your own preference
> class and function {}'s - opening on the same line as the definition
> extra whitespace often - if ( $blah == $blahblah ) not
> if($blah==$blahblah)
> extra linebreak after { and }
> extra linebreak in anything in the same function that is for anything
> too different ($query stuff then $criteria stuff should be broken
> apart)
> Thats just a few things id like to see personally off the top of my
> head. Anyone got any comments about these? What rules for phpdoc
> comments?
> On 9/21/06, Hans Lellelid <hans at velum dot net> wrote:
>> Ok, I agree. (And I -- or at least my editors -- are probably partly to
>> blame for inconsistencies.)
>> - Definitely unix line endings should be standard (there I know that
>> I'm at fault for having misset defaults at some point in PHPEdit.)
>> - I personally prefer tabs for whitespace, though I'm open to
>> discussion on that.
>> - I do most of my editing in GUI editors (like PHPEdit or Eclipse), so
>> I also don't like editor-specific markup in the files (I guess I'm
>> thinking of vim).
>> I'm very fine with having coding guidelines, but I don't want to
>> overstep that line where the coding standards are just arbitrary rules
>> to enforce or use as a basis for rejecting contributed work (e.g. PEAR).
>> Other thoughts?
>> Hans
>> Cameron Brunner wrote:
>> > After delving thru the codebase i have been seeing functions use
>> > spaces for indentation (4space) and tabs used half way thru (tabs set
>> > to 8 on my vim), can we start to enforce some sort of coding
>> > standards? I'm even happy enough to go thru every file myself and
>> > setup the standards we agree on.
>> >
>> >
>> > Cameron
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