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Author =?UTF-8?B?RXZlbiBBbmRyw6kgRmlza3Zpaw==?= <even@lynweb.no>
Full name =?UTF-8?B?RXZlbiBBbmRyw6kgRmlza3Zpaw==?= <even@lynweb.no>
Date 2006-09-21 07:02:34 PDT
Message Ron Rademaker wrote:
> Cameron Brunner wrote:
>> On 9/21/06, Ron Rademaker <r.rademaker@virt​ualbuilding.nl> wrote:
>>> A few thoughts:
>>> - On the comments before a function. How about always adding a @since
>>> with the date the function was added and an @author who added the
>>> function (makes finding the appropriate person for bugs / questions /
>>> suggestions a lot easier than going through svn logs)
>> svn blame, but agreed, author for the class and then if the author
>> isnt the same for the function then it should be on the function as
>> well, same rules for since
>>> - Personally, I like if styles like this:
>>> if ($something)
>>> return "something";
>>> Two lined if's without {} that is, current coding standards don't tell
>>> me if I can use them.
>> ug, no, i HATE this, people rely on it for more than 1 line of code
>> below the if too often, we should blow this out of existance!
> Let's not start these kind of discussions... none have ever proven to
> be useful :)
I agree on not using "short-cuts" like these. It makes the code less
readable, and for the sake of god,
is there a world shortage of whitespaces and brackets that I do not know of?

Best regards,
Even André