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Author =?UTF-8?B?RXZlbiBBbmRyw6kgRmlza3Zpaw==?= <even@lynweb.no>
Full name =?UTF-8?B?RXZlbiBBbmRyw6kgRmlza3Zpaw==?= <even@lynweb.no>
Date 2006-09-21 07:31:05 PDT
Message Hans Lellelid wrote:
> Cameron Brunner wrote:
>> Against just following the heard and using PEAR standards
>> switch ( $blah ) {
>> case 'blah':
>> echo 'asdf';
>> break;
>> }
>> indenting the case is something i prefer over not for a start
>> $long_variable example... well, we could follow that but... painful
>> for nothing?
>> These are just what I like and find easy to follow and read without
>> having to think much when i jump into new code. Mostly its just about
>> not being lazy and getting over typing a few extra lines to save
>> headaches maintaining.
> Ok, well, it's been awhile since I've looked at PEAR coding standards.
> I definitely don't like their variable naming standards. I don't think,
> for example, that all private/protected variables & methods should be
> prefixed with underscore. I don't think it's necessary -- and in the
> case of variables, I think they should generally all be
> private/protected anyway.
> Hans
The PEAR coding standards was established with PHP 4 in mind.
Since Propel is targeted at PHP 5.x, which implements private/protected
access modifiers, we don't really need to "emulate" this functionality
by using underscores etc.

Just my five cents.

Best regards,
Even André