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Author =?ISO-8859-1?Q?David_Z=FClke?= <dz@bitxtender.com>
Full name =?ISO-8859-1?Q?David_Z=FClke?= <dz@bitxtender.com>
Date 2006-09-23 07:43:10 PDT
Message > David Z├╝lke wrote:
>> http://trac.agavi.or​g/trac.cgi/wiki/Codi​ngStyle if you guys need
>> some inspiration ;)
> I like this. I think we can adopt this for Propel coding style.
> Maybe I'll just steal the page as a starting point ;)

Sure, go ahead ;) This 11-char-gap (longest PHPDoc keyword is 10
chars) was a pain to realize because I had to clean up every single
file by hand but it was worth it - everything is nice and tidy now. I
also use a similar rule to lign up the description for @return <type>
blocks (see array and string in the example), but that's a matter of

- David