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Author Robert Bruce <rob@tdd.org.uk>
Full name Robert Bruce <rob@tdd.org.uk>
Date 2006-10-01 14:28:38 PDT
Message I have a system whereby I use a multi-component setup with propel, using
multiple schema files. Everything works fine for code generation and
installing the sql, however when I come to run a datadump an error
occurs regarding a missing table. The table does exist in the database,
but I believe the error is due to the schema files not been processed in
dependency order.

Here is an output from attempting to run the datadump target


If you look at the order the schema files are processed the first file
licencing.schema.xml depends on the schema website.schema.xml which is
being processed further down the list. Is there any way can control the
order in which the schema files are processed? Or is there any other way
to get around this problem?