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Author Sven Tietje <tietje@topconcepts.de>
Full name Sven Tietje <tietje@topconcepts.de>
Date 2006-10-02 01:43:05 PDT
Message Hi,

i`d like to create a PropelResultset to make it possible to iterate over
Resultsets and to hydrate objects on the fly. We have talked about it.

One of propel`s performance problems are the Result-Arrays.

$resultArrray = TablePeer::doSelect(new Criteria());

doSelect queries the database. A Resultset is given. Now, Propel fetches
each row of the resultset, hydrates the row into an object and puts the
object into an array. Having fetched all rows, doSelect returns the

I think BasePeer should return a PropelResultset.

class PropelResultset implements IteratorAggregate, ArrayAccess,
Countable {
    public function setFetchMode();

    .... Interface - Methods

- ArrayAccess and Countable will make PropelResultset
backwards-compatible to the normal array.

- setFetchMode will give you two possiblities:

    1) PropelResultset::OBJECT - enabled by default
        foreach ($resultset as $item) {

    2) PropelResultset::ARRAY - sometimes you don`t need objects
        foreach ($resultset as $item) {
        Key of the $item - Array is of structure:
        tablename.columname or tablealias.columnname

Perhaps we also should discuss a BaseObject implementing ArrayAccess