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Author Luciano Andrade <andrade.luciano@gmail.com>
Full name Luciano Andrade <andrade.luciano@gmail.com>
Date 2006-10-02 04:25:44 PDT
Message Ovbiusly you could try to renameit to some ting like
01Website.schema.xml 02Licencing.schema.xml

But I realy donĀ“t understend how the multi-schema definition works
when you reference tables/relations from others schemas.

On 10/1/06, Robert Bruce <rob at tdd dot org dot uk> wrote:
> I have a system whereby I use a multi-component setup with propel, using
> multiple schema files. Everything works fine for code generation and
> installing the sql, however when I come to run a datadump an error
> occurs regarding a missing table. The table does exist in the database,
> but I believe the error is due to the schema files not been processed in
> dependency order.
> Here is an output from attempting to run the datadump target
> http://www.tdd.org.u​k:81/propel.txt
> If you look at the order the schema files are processed the first file
> licencing.schema.xml depends on the schema website.schema.xml which is
> being processed further down the list. Is there any way can control the
> order in which the schema files are processed? Or is there any other way
> to get around this problem?
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