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Author Alan Pinstein <apinstein@mac.com>
Full name Alan Pinstein <apinstein@mac.com>
Date 2006-10-03 07:57:51 PDT
Message > I use 2.0 so patches for 1.2/3... hence why i want to do this
> properly in 2.0

Oh, well, you can try my patches on the 2.0 branch, but I don't know
if they'll work. I haven't merged into that yet.

I was thinking that we'd do the "official" merge once David and I are
done with all the patches for 1.3...

>> I think that you are experiencing the problem that I was.... it
>> probably has to do with your hard drive setup as I described in the
>> other thread.
> XFS filesystem, running local on the server or via nfs (default way
> for all the servers since i need an easy realtime mirror for them)

Ok, well, I don't know whether it's the FS or the HD that matters...
for me, I can only compare HFS+ on IDE to EXT3 on SCSI RAID. I'd
assume that it's possible that XFS on IDE would be very slow too.

>> Lucky for you, the autoload patch I submitted to the 1.3 branch will
>> fix this right up. Alternatively, you can also patch the 1.2 release
>> version with this autoload patch, which I do myself. I posted the 1.2
>> patch to the other thread as well.
> *shoots 1.x* die already! :)

Heh... well you should be prepared to wait a while on 2.0... 1.3 is
up first and lays the groundwork for a lot of 2.0 stuff. I bet 2.0 is
4-6+ months away. Plus it's gonna be really unstable for a while I'd

Why can't you use 1.3? or even a patched 1.2?