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Author hlellelid
Full name Hans Lellelid
Date 2006-10-03 12:47:04 PDT
Message Hi Pedram,

Pedram Nimreezi wrote:
> I think I'm gonna fork propel and creole.... at least my version,
> its designed for opcode caching and is backward compatible for 4 and 5
> and I want to focus on the application writing, this is enough for db...
> As for the performance issues I've fixed that quite a long time ago
> and when I was discussing it no one would even acknowledge it...
> and I don't use php 5 or APC... as they're both still buggy... (even 2
> years later)

Of course you are welcome to fork -- that's the great thing about
open-source software (though I'd say that it's a fairly small part of
the benefit).

Another option would be to write a Phing task that builds all dependency
classes into a single file. This doesn't seem that difficult -- and
it's what Phing is great at. Then users can "build out" their Propel
package for performance reasons if they want to have everything packaged
in a single file. I don't see why this would be incompatible with other
ideas proposed.