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Author Scott Wehrenberg <swehren@gmail.com>
Full name Scott Wehrenberg <swehren@gmail.com>
Date 2006-10-03 12:50:16 PDT
Message On 10/3/06, Hans Lellelid <hans at velum dot net> wrote:
> Another option would be to write a Phing task that builds all dependency
> classes into a single file. This doesn't seem that difficult -- and
> it's what Phing is great at. Then users can "build out" their Propel
> package for performance reasons if they want to have everything packaged
> in a single file. I don't see why this would be incompatible with other
> ideas proposed.

I would love to see some speed comparisons between the single big file
approach and the autoload method that's being worked on now. I'm
guessing that the single big file would lose out without an opcache
except in the rare circumstance where you're working with basically
all of the classes for a request. It'd be a little more interesting to
see how each did with the opcache.

Scott Wehrenberg