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Author Soenke Ruempler <soenke@ruempler.eu>
Full name Soenke Ruempler <soenke@ruempler.eu>
Date 2006-10-03 15:07:25 PDT
Message On 03.10.2006 21:19, Pedram Nimreezi wrote:

> I think I'm gonna fork propel and creole.... at least my version,
> its designed for opcode caching and is backward compatible for 4 and 5
> and I want to focus on the application writing, this is enough for db...
> As for the performance issues I've fixed that quite a long time ago
> and when I was discussing it no one would even acknowledge it...
> and I don't use php 5 or APC... as they're both still buggy... (even 2
> years later)

Yeah, APC is buggy for PHP 5. I'm using PHP 5.1 with eAccelerator 0.9.5
- very stable! Maybe you wanna give it a try. PHP 4 is history in my
eyes (and only bug fixed by some bigger companies that rely on it [say:


Best regards / Mit freundlichen Gruessen

Sönke Ruempler
soenke at ruempler dot eu