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Author hlellelid
Full name Hans Lellelid
Date 2006-10-04 06:12:18 PDT
Message Ok, fair enough :)

Yes, Pedram, I think we're all in agreement that you can do what you
will with PHP4-Propel. I never heard back from Michael, but, assuming
you also didn't hear anything, I'm guessing that he's ok with the old
PHP4 version being licensed under a more liberal license. That said,
the PHP4 version is a pretty big step backward in functionality.


David Zülke wrote:
> Actually, my tone was a bit brusque, yes, and that's because you
> offered SVN access for anyone who'd like to contribute to the PHP4
> version about 7123617263 times, and yet, he doesn't seem to care, but
> instead prefers to walk in, tells us why he thinks Propel is useless
> and then acts all huffy with some "I'm forking Propel and do it
> properly" instead of doing the obvious, namely fixing his complaints
> himself. Also, I do not _at all_ understand why he complains about
> Propel not being suitable for opcode caching in the very thread that
> discusses the elimination of this drawback.
> So, Pedram, just drop Hans a line and he'll be happy to set up an SVN
> account for you.
> David
> Am 04.10.2006 um 14:33 schrieb Hans Lellelid:
>> Hi Pedram,
>> David's tone may have been a bit brusque, but it's probably a cultural
>> difference more than a personal one. In any event, he's right that
>> we're not concerning ourselves with PHP4, not after PHP5 has been out
>> for years. PHP4 may exist in legacy applications, but it is dead for
>> new project development. PEAR is about to require all new packages be
>> PHP5, which (given PEAR's relatively conservative outlook) is a pretty
>> good indication that it is in its twilight.
>> Also, I think you under-appreciate David, Alan, et. al research &
>> contribution to the problem at hand. David isn't reporting hearsay
>> about engine internals, he took the time to write to internals and find
>> out why it was behaving as it is.
>> Anyway, we are all enterprise programmers here. And I think this
>> project is extremely open to contributions and suggestions. You are
>> welcome to propose additions to the generator and/or runtime, and I'm
>> confident that your ideas will get as much attention as anyone else's.
>> Of course, you will be more likely to see your ideas adopted and code
>> accepted, if you are able to work with others on the list in a
>> constructive way.
>> Hans
>> Pedram Nimreezi wrote:
>>> That's the thing... I don't load every class every request...
>>> I'm loading the classes I'll know I'll need all the time...
>>> And no David I don't think I'm solving yesterdays problems...
>>> and I don't really appreciate your attitude either...
>>> My web applications push what can be done on the net today
>>> and I've been programming for 15 years... php 4 will be
>>> dead in about 3 years... it's not dead yet... and net years
>>> are like dog years.... I'm an enterprise programmer what
>>> maybe great for everybody is buggy inconsistency for me...
>>> Not everyone has the same stringent requirements yet
>>> everyone is very quick to jump in to add what they've
>>> "heard" .... Ignoring the fact that I have actual tests and
>>> years of research already invested is what is utter frickin nonsense..
>>> On 10/3/06, Soenke Ruempler <soenke at ruempler dot eu> wrote:
>>>> On 03.10.2006 21:19, Pedram Nimreezi wrote:
>>>>> I think I'm gonna fork propel and creole.... at least my version,
>>>>> its designed for opcode caching and is backward compatible for 4
>>>>> and 5
>>>>> and I want to focus on the application writing, this is enough for
>>>> db...
>>>>> As for the performance issues I've fixed that quite a long time ago
>>>>> and when I was discussing it no one would even acknowledge it...
>>>>> and I don't use php 5 or APC... as they're both still buggy...
>>>>> (even 2
>>>>> years later)
>>>> Yeah, APC is buggy for PHP 5. I'm using PHP 5.1 with eAccelerator
>>>> 0.9.5
>>>> - very stable! Maybe you wanna give it a try. PHP 4 is history in my
>>>> eyes (and only bug fixed by some bigger companies that rely on it
>>>> [say:
>>>> eZ]).
>>>> --
>>>> Best regards / Mit freundlichen Gruessen
>>>> Sönke Ruempler
>>>> soenke at ruempler dot eu
>>>> http://www.ruempler.eu/
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