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Author Cameron Brunner <cameron.brunner@gmail.com>
Full name Cameron Brunner <cameron.brunner@gmail.com>
Date 2006-11-21 08:22:53 PST
Message +1 for 1, studlyCaps seems to be pretty common with everything im
using these days

On 11/22/06, Hans Lellelid <hans at velum dot net> wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I'm copying propel-dev on this email, as I'd like linguafranca
> convention to be adopted for Propel 2 also.
> We had a brief mention of this before, but I think we should probably
> prefix the classes in the LinguaFranca project. I think Sven proposed
> using lf_. That works, but I think the underscore is not a good idea
> since it means specific directory structure system for the Pear classes
> -- a directory structure system that I don't think we plan to implement.
> So, I see a few options:
> 1) lowercase "Symfony-style" prefix: lfDatabase, lfObject
> 2) uppercase initials: LFDatabase, LFTable
> 3) single letter "Prado-style" prefix: LDatabase, LTable
> 3) Full project prefix: LinguaFrancaDatabase, LinguaFrancaTable (I
> think we probably agree that's too long)
> 4) Shortened project name prefix: LinguaDatabase, LinguaTable
> Personally, I lean toward 1,2, or 3. Other suggestions? Opinions on these?
> Hans