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Author Carl Parrish <cparrish@pcl-consulting.com>
Full name Carl Parrish <cparrish@pcl-consulting.com>
Date 2006-12-06 11:44:06 PST
Message Hans Lellelid wrote:
> PHPIDE is the newer one that Zend is working on with the Eclipse folks.
> I actually never really got PHPEclipse to work for me.
> See: http://www.eclipse.org/php/
> I've found it easiest to just grab the whole bundled thing rather than
> wading through all the dependencies for the PHPIDE piece in a stock
> Eclipse install.
> Clearly I haven't played with it too much, but if it's doing good
> completion, I'll definitely have to switch.
(yes, I'm going though old threads).
I'm still using Zend Studio, does anyone know if the new Zend Studio 5.5
beta is using PHPIDE?