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Author hlellelid
Full name Hans Lellelid
Date 2006-12-18 06:20:10 PST
Message Hi Eric,

Depending on what it is you've been creating, I think we can either add
it to contrib or integrate it into main tree. My preference would be to
add it to the contrib directory in SVN. I can get you an SVN account if
you don't have one yet (please email offlist w/ desired username).

I know that propel.phpdb.org has had a hard time staying online. I
spent some time this weekend setting up Nagios for monitoring, but my
configuration is still now working correctly. I may switch to a tool
that I find easier to configure (e.g. OpenNMS), but for now, just ping
me & I will restart Apache. I'm also going to look into limiting
mod_python/Apache memory consumption, per Alan's suggestion.


Eric Fredj wrote:
> Hi Folk,
> I made some change on 1.2 branch to integrate new builders for Nested
> Set generation support.
> Until now, all is based on Joe Simms samples he provides in trac
> attachment but it can surely be improved.
> I think it can be reused on other branches without big changes but I
> had to make it on 1.2 because it is the stable one used in our project.
> Where can I share my code and under which format (diff, svn commit on
> specific branch) ?
> Is someone interested ?
> PS: some ideas why phpdb.org <http://phpdb.org> still down ? How can
> we help ?
> ErIC
> On 12/17/06, * Eric Fredj* <eofredj at gmail dot com
> <mailto:eofredj@g​mail.com>> wrote:
> I read "Nested Set Proposal" from Joe Simms thread started last
> summer and I am very interested in it.
> But it seems nothing changed for a few month.
> Is this still under conception/development ?
> Is Joe Simms still among us ?
> I started to read proposed code and how Propel builders work in
> order to create some NestedSet builder producing targeted sample
> code provided in attached zip file.
> I retrieved SVN repository copy to make some changes and I work on
> 1.2 branch.
> Someone else about NestedSet in Propel here ?