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Author Alan Pinstein <apinstein@mac.com>
Full name Alan Pinstein <apinstein@mac.com>
Date 2006-12-18 07:45:57 PST
Message Another thing that you could do is put in a cron script that runs
every minute and checks to see if the server is alive (or maybe it
would check memory use) and then HUP apache appropriately. You could
even do this without checks; just attempt a "graceful" first and if
the server isn't up; issue a start". Graceful will restart apache in
such a way that users don't notice (I forgot exactly how but
basically it only restarts a server process that isn't handling
requests, so it lets existing req's finish).

With UNIX servers, it's much better to stop processes from using too
much memory early, because once the OS is out it starts killing
things. So even if you get apache back up, you aren't sure what else
was killed (and thus needs a restart). It may be logged somewhere of
course, but still that's not the point.


On Dec 18, 2006, at 9:29 AM, Hans Lellelid wrote:

> Soenke Ruempler - NorthClick wrote:
>> Hans Lellelid <mailto:hans at velum dot net> wrote on Monday, December
>> 18, 2006
>> 3:23 PM:
>>>> I know that propel.phpdb.org has had a hard time staying online. I
>>>> spent some time this weekend setting up Nagios for monitoring, but
>>>> my configuration is still now working correctly. I may switch to
>>>> a tool that I find easier to configure (e.g. OpenNMS), but for
>>>> now, just ping me & I will restart Apache. I'm also going to look
>>>> into limiting mod_python/Apache memory consumption, per Alan's
>>>> suggestion.
>> Yeah we've to restart our trac server each morning, too :D
>> What could help is to lower the MaxRequestPerChild directive so
>> childs are
>> terminated after a specific number of requests. But I don't know
>> if the
>> memory allocation is per-child or global.
> Ok, I'll try that out. I probably should also just cron an apache
> stop
> & start every AM.
> Hans
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