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Author Eric Fredj <eofredj@gmail.com>
Full name Eric Fredj <eofredj@gmail.com>
Date 2006-12-18 12:10:50 PST
Message I forgot the main : I obviously made some specific NestedSet builder for
Base classes and Stub classes ...

On 12/18/06, Eric Fredj <eofredj at gmail dot com> wrote:
> Patch was made in mind to be integrated in main tree because it requires
> some changes on the core:
> - database.xsd was updated to support some new attributes in
> schema.xml
> - In fact, I replaced isTree by treeMode in Table attribute to
> support several mode
> - I added some Column attribute to target left and right
> fields
> - PropelOMTask.php was modified to managed the new treeMode and call
> the new builder I added when needed
> - Column.php and Table.php to handle their new attributes
> - OMBuilder.php to handle new attributes and builder getter as it is
> done for Node builder
> Maybe the right way to share would be to create a parallel 1.2-nestedset(or something else) branch in which I could commit my job, improve it, fix
> it before you can merge it with main 1.2 officiel branch.
> Moreover, it could be more easy to develop the same patch for 1.3 then...
> On 12/18/06, Hans Lellelid <hans at velum dot net> wrote:
> >
> > Hi Eric,
> >
> > Depending on what it is you've been creating, I think we can either add
> > it to contrib or integrate it into main tree. My preference would be to
> > add it to the contrib directory in SVN. I can get you an SVN account if
> >
> > you don't have one yet (please email offlist w/ desired username).
> >