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Author hlellelid
Full name Hans Lellelid
Date 2006-12-25 09:11:43 PST
Message Hi David,

David Z├╝lke wrote:
> Doesn't seem to work here... $this->getDatabaseManager() gets
> auto-completed and also hints the return type as specified in the PHPDoc
> (AgaviDatabaseManager), but won't autocomplete after that. It works if I
> do $foo = new AgaviDatabaseManager(), though. :(
> Yeah they really should have xdebug integration, that would be ultra cool.
> I'll try the "integration build" now, whatever that is. They should get
> their act together a bit and at least write a "what to download" guide.
> "0.7 stable" is a bit misleading, I guess.

I'm playing w/ 0.7M4 (released last week) and it does appear to support
using the @return phpdoc to determine class type. Very nice -- I'm
switching for real now (from PHPEdit, which has always been a little
flaky) :)