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Author Oliver Schonrock <oliver@realtsp.com>
Full name Oliver Schonrock <oliver@realtsp.com>
Date 2007-07-12 11:25:28 PDT
Message Hans Lellelid wrote:
> This looks interesting, Oliver. Other than not being able to use
> user-defined class with persistent connection (am I understanding that
> correctly? seems odd), were there any other limitations?

 I checked what the story is with that "Cannot be used with persistent PDO
 instances.". It throws a PHP warning and behaves irractically. Suspect
 it's kind of like unserializing a class from session without having the
 class defined first. ie you get half an object.

 better patch takes care of the "Cannot be used with persistent PDO
 instances." problem by checking the PDO config and refusing to subclass
 PDOStatement. Consequently the getQueryCount() method doesn't work
 correctly anymore and therefore throws an exception.

 this should ensure backward compatibility.