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Author hlellelid
Full name Hans Lellelid
Date 2007-07-12 14:32:11 PDT
Message I'd add that perhaps what Oliver has written becomes the first version
of DebugPropelPDO -- and we can add these new features in as time and
interest permits.


Hans Lellelid wrote:
> I think that's a very good suggestion.
> Hans
> Cameron Brunner wrote:
>> I would be more interested at this point in offering DebugPropelPDO as
>> a connection object type and adding a full array of debug info (query
>> timing, counting, dupe query detection) to it and have a flag that
>> switches to it when requested. Query timing generally interests me
>> more than the count.
>> Just my 2c
>> On 7/13/07, Oliver Schonrock <oliver at realtsp dot com> wrote:
>>> Hans Lellelid wrote:
>>>> This looks interesting, Oliver. Other than not being able to use
>>>> user-defined class with persistent connection (am I understanding that
>>>> correctly? seems odd), were there any other limitations?
>>> I checked what the story is with that "Cannot be used with persistent
>>> PDO
>>> instances.". It throws a PHP warning and behaves irractically. Suspect
>>> it's kind of like unserializing a class from session without having the
>>> class defined first. ie you get half an object.
>>> better patch takes care of the "Cannot be used with persistent PDO
>>> instances." problem by checking the PDO config and refusing to subclass
>>> PDOStatement. Consequently the getQueryCount() method doesn't work
>>> correctly anymore and therefore throws an exception.
>>> this should ensure backward compatibility.
>>> http://propel.phpdb.​org/trac/ticket/454#​comment:2
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