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Author Oliver Schonrock <oliver@realtsp.com>
Full name Oliver Schonrock <oliver@realtsp.com>
Date 2007-07-19 04:40:28 PDT
Message Cameron Brunner wrote:
> Silence is good bad or otherwise?

Don't take offense please. I like the features, but I am not sure about
the implementation:

- using static $query seems untidy
- using __destruct() can cause problems depending on your environment
- using direct var_dump() it not always suitable.

if we are going to add this to the core propel repository, my view would
be that it should meet the same criteria as the rest of the code as a
generic, high quality toolkit.

Part of the reason I focused on simple features was that it is not
obvious how to solve some of the above problems with the more advanced
features while adhering to the quality standards of the rest of the
code. ie can run in any environment, etc..