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Author Cameron Brunner <cameron.brunner@gmail.com>
Full name Cameron Brunner <cameron.brunner@gmail.com>
Date 2007-09-21 17:04:30 PDT
Message No it is not being worked on, there are a lot of issues in relation to
this that make it quite hard to accomplish in a sane way as when there
is an update called on a child of a record then you have to invalidate
both the parent and child's cache data to do it properly. This is no
small task. It is on the wish-list however honestly I believe we may
be better to offer a few extra classes to handle this and let the
programmer handle it themselves. Caching should really be application
level not ORM level IMO, but that said, if there was a sane way to do
it on a Propel level, i'd be QUITE interested to see it.

Agavi+Propel+PHPTAL ftw

On 9/21/07, Alexander Kahl <akahl at iconmobile dot com> wrote:
> Hello Propel developers,
> I'm using Propel in a framework I've developed for my company and I'm
> the package maintainer for Propel in Fedora (package status still
> pending).
> To seamlessly integrate my framework into our infrastructure, I
> want/need to use memcache and figured out you're already planning to
> implement it into Propel (ticket #68). Since we really rely on it I've
> convinced my employer to implement it myself and contribute back to your
> project, provided that
> a) you're not already working on it - at least my generated ChangeLog
> from your svn repo doesn't say so
> b) my time estimation to complete the task isn't too high.
> Before I inspect Propel's internals, I'd like to have ->a) answered and
> your own time estimation for the task; and, of course, if you'd accept
> the contribution at all. It would of course be licensed under the
> LGPLv2, unless you also permit LGPLv3 which I prefer.
> Regards
> Alexander Kahl
> --
> alexander kahl _ developer
> iconmobile GmbH _ methfesselstr. 30-36 _ 10965 berlin _ germany
> phone +49 30 886633 212 _ fax +49 30 886633 150 _ mobile +49 178 8279256
> akahl at iconmobile dot com _ www.iconmobile.com
> local court charlottenburg _ hrb 88308
> managing directors _ thomas fellger | stefan kirschke

Cameron Brunner

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