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Author Alexander Kahl <akahl@iconmobile.com>
Full name Alexander Kahl <akahl@iconmobile.com>
Date 2007-10-02 09:07:26 PDT
Message On Tue, 2007-09-25 at 15:25 +1000, Cameron Brunner wrote:
> memcache knows nothing of relationships, update a parent, the children
> need to be updated too, there in itself lies a HUGE issue. David has
> come up with a concept on how to handle this somewhat but on a site
> with a lot of updates, its completely useless to add a caching layer
> in this respect.
Of course memcache is only the backend for the caching discussed. I'd
really appreciate if you provide a link to the concept you've mentioned.

Let's assume we'd just cache all selects and invalidate the whole cache
upon updates, wouldn't we still get a slight performance boost? At this
point the caching could be improved step by step if possible.

> Anyway, my 2c, propel is the wrong place to be doing this for the most
> part, i would seriously reconsider the level you are trying to
> implement memcache at at this point in time. You could always create a
> wrapper to BlahPeer::doSelect that had an optional cacheTimeout
> variable that let you set a static timeout for the cache but... i'm
> not a fan of time based caches, if they aren't intelligent there is
> little point a lot of the time. Anyway, good luck either way.
That means you'd rather place an additional layer between Propel and
Creole/PDO than coupling the caching with Propel directly? Wouldn't that
mean to duplicate Propel's functionality at some places like
parent-children relationship mappings? So in how far would that be

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