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Author Alexander Kahl <akahl@iconmobile.com>
Full name Alexander Kahl <akahl@iconmobile.com>
Date 2007-10-05 05:03:59 PDT
Message Hi Pedram :)

On Thu, 2007-10-04 at 12:16 -0400, Pedram Nimreezi wrote:
> > Am I getting something
> > totally wrong here?
> Only slightly
Then I'll try to get the whole idea.

> > I want to cache persistent data that is retrieved
> > and modified via Propel.

> Ahh... that's the problem to attack... I agree the logic
> for memcache should be in Propel... moving towards
> that being implemented can we agree that the first step
> is checking to see the memcache extension is loaded?
Yes of course, the memcache support should be optional.

> If not using like... a CreoleSession? (i wrote that if you need it btw)
You've wrote it already? Where can I find it?
But it's planned to replace Creole support by PHP PDO right? Read it
somewhere on the website.

> if the extension 'memcache' IS loaded... then look for memcache
> server config in the propel.ini, it should be an array because you
> can use memcache in a distributed fashion.
I think propel.ini configuration support should be provided as well as
generic methods. Like, right now I'm initializing Propel with
configuration parsed from YAML files and at least that should also be
possible for the optional memcache support.

> And in the code generator
> insert the requisite cache validation, invalidation, max buffers, etc...

> > What if you'd even hold the compiled Propel code in cache?
> How would you execute it? a big eval() ? that kinda steps forward and
> again backwards.
You think we can get nothing out of that?

> But that's moving towards an extension based implementation and that's hot... ;)
I'd always favor extensions wherever feasible and useful at all. Maybe
the cache support should even be abstracted and memcache support
encapsulated that way so it'll even be more extensible and modular.

> > > > You mean requesting memcache data still requires to include Propel's
> > > > generated files to get the actual related request..?
> > > >
> > > right.. unless of course you used separate data transfer objects (value objects)
> > > to represent that data....
> > Right now this concept doesn't sound familiar to me. Can you tell me where it is used?
> >
> It's used whenever you want to abstract data as an object, propel does
> it transparently
> or you can have a couple of your own... externally. Passing value
> objects that represent
> actual meanings instead of primitive datatypes to explain (self
> document) that meaning.
You mean the data retrieved simply encapsulated in objects? Say, like if
you've got a customer table and Propel retrieves all the data for one
customer, the resulting Customer object instance would be what you call
a value object..?

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