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Author Alexander Kahl <akahl@iconmobile.com>
Full name Alexander Kahl <akahl@iconmobile.com>
Date 2007-10-05 05:50:04 PDT
Message On Fri, 2007-10-05 at 22:26 +1000, Cameron Brunner wrote:
> Correct me if im wrong, your using propel 1.2 combined with symfony
> and your trying to optimize for speed? *sigh*
No, you are as wrong as you can be ;) I've considered using symfony
months ago and found so many things I dislike that much I decided to
create my own specialized framework, or better, web engine in this case.
Unfortunately I cannot make my engine free software but convinced my
employer to let me contribute back to the community.

> propel 1.3 has already replaced creole with pdo and there are FAR
> lighter weight solutions than symfony for a framework
Yes, symfony is not only one heavy beast of a framework but I felt like being kept in cage with it. Symfony somehow forces you to always do things the symfony way.

> oh and if you aren't sure just how EVIL eval() is, go benchmark it,
> anytime you run eval() it forks the php interpreter again over the
> code you eval() and the opcode cache cant do anything nice about
> this... eval() should be renamed evil()...
Right now I'm not doing something like that, fortunately. But thanks for
the info, so I don't have to benchmark that myself anymore.

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