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Author Cameron Brunner <cameron.brunner@gmail.com>
Full name Cameron Brunner <cameron.brunner@gmail.com>
Date 2007-10-17 02:25:32 PDT
Message Patch applied. Thank you very much for the bug report and patch!

On 10/17/07, Felix Gilcher <propel at andersground dot net> wrote:
> Hi,
> trying to add this as a ticket results in a 'Potential Spam' error,
> so I'm sending this to the list. I wonder what part matches the
> filter ;)
> -----
> the generated BaseFooNestedSetPeer​::deleteNode() retrieves the node
> to delete and then calls delete() on it. However, it passes (false,
> $con) as parameter while Node::delete() only accepts $con and thus,
> the deletion fails.
> A patch to fix this issue is attached.
> ------
> regards
> felix

Cameron Brunner

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