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Author Eric Fredj <eofredj@gmail.com>
Full name Eric Fredj <eofredj@gmail.com>
Date 2007-10-26 05:06:55 PDT
Message I created a /heltem /branch to commit my Nestedset changes to avoid
conflict on your branch if you planned some changes on it before merge
in 1.3.

That way, users can test my changes easily.

I am currently working in sfPropelActAsNestedS​etBehaviourPlugin port to
Propel core to support it natively.


Eric Fredj a écrit :
> Integrated PropelPDO in node runtime classes and builders too ;-)
> Eric Fredj a écrit :
>> David,
>> I made a merge for 1.3 branch and yours on my dev host.
>> I will submit it to you before commit it.
>> I applied all david-multi_nested_set_tables changes and some of mine on 1.3.
>> Moreover, I tried to follow API defined in
>> sfPropelActAsNestedS​etBehaviorPlugin ...
>> Waiting for your feedback. :-)
>> Patch is attached.
>> Regards,
>> Heltem