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Author hlellelid
Full name Hans Lellelid
Date 2007-11-09 03:37:42 PST
Message Hi Ron,

Ron Rademaker wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was wondering what the current plans and status is of criteria 2.
> There are some guys here working with propel everyday and they're kinda
> fed up with the current criteria. I think they'll be willing to put in
> some hours testing and bugfixing criteria 2 as long as they got
> something that already does some stuff right (and tackles the main
> problems with current criteria).

Yeah, I'm working right now on closing 1.3 bugs, but I'd like to resume
work on Criteria2. I agree; current Criteria is lousy. There was a
Criteria2 implementation that I did (and actually used for a Project)
that was much more flexible, but the easy stuff got a lot more difficult
... so it was scrapped (it's actually in the criteria2-experiment branch
if you want to look at it).

We'll definitely be targeting 5.3 (w/ namespaces) for propel 2.

As I think about it, I'm not entirely sure that it doesn't make sense to
have a very core Criteria API and then provide different implementations
of that which are suited to one type of work or another (e.g. keep
something that looks like current Criteria for the very basic stuff).

I believe I am going to start this time by coming up with a list of
example queries that we'd like our Criteria to support -- and then we
can start showing how it would look in various implementations and get a
feel for how "easy" these systems will be to use. Since I already have
a working application with the "criteria2-experiment" version, I can
provide examples for that one which will illustrate the pros & cons of
that approach.

Actually, one thing that would be *very* helpful is if you could get
some feedback from your developers on what they really need in the new
Criteria -- e.g. which queries they are trying but cannot build in
current version -- so that we can add those to the list.