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Author hlellelid
Full name Hans Lellelid
Date 2007-11-09 04:27:10 PST
Message Ron Rademaker wrote:
> Something very different. I got some time reserved next week to do some
> propel development (such time slots are rare for me), first order of
> business is gonna be to upgrade our propel 1.3 branch to the latest in
> propel svn. But I think I'll have some time left to work on a new
> feature, one I call triggerBackup. I was wondering if this would be a
> feature people would like in propel and if yes, where should I commit
> unstable code (I expect version 1 to support only PostreSQL and MySQL).
> The idea is that you can add triggerBackup='true' in your schema to a
> <table> node. This would cause propel to generated the table twice, once
> the way you defined it (primary table), again as <tablename>_backup with
> extra columns <tablename>_id (foreign key to the primary table) and date
> (the secondary table). Furthermore, it would create a SQL trigger on the
> primary table that would add a record with all the information in the
> deleted / updated record to the secondary table. Hope this short
> explanation makes sense.

Yeah, it does make sense. I'd like to think about a more general
solution for this moving forward -- modularized builder components. I
suppose that trunk would be the place to put this, though trunk has
grown out-of-date again.

Cameron, have you committed anything to trunk since it was copied form
1.3? If not, we may just blow it away and re-sync it w/ 1.3 and then
new development can happen there -- and we'll have to be better about
merging in changes to 1.3 :)